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The Stable corner slow feeder

Product Code: PAXC001

  • Fits on any existing corner feeder
  • Reduces waste
  • fitted at any height
  • Material: Nylon Netting
  • Manufactured In The UK

Reduces waste and mess

Designed to prevent hay from being pulled out of corner feeders.

· Eliminates hay wastage.

· Simple to use & quick to fill.

· Allows horses to maintain a natural eating position.

· Custom made two inch net helps prevent gorging & colic.

· Ideal for laminitics & horses on restricted diets.


Can be purchased seperately or as a complete feeding system

The net RRP - £45.99 


The complete feeder RRP - £99.00 


·        The blade only removes loose hairs and fur, It will not pull or rip any existing hair.  The rubber removes any excess water, sweat and helps to remove dirt & dust.

·        Use the groomer at a 90 degree angle on your equine, cat or dog.


·        Display pack -  15 pieces, 5 of each colour Pink, Green & Blue fully assembled in a full colour counter top display box.


·        Refill pack – 15 pieces, 5 of each colour Pink, Green & Blue packaged in a plain brown box.

·        Each groomer has a promotional sleeve, barcode and protective polythene bag.

·        RRP of Vanquish Groomers  £20.00 each.

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