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The Grad-Dual Feeder

Product Code: PAX014

  • Non tip Design
  • Scientifically backed
  • 12 smooth feeding basins, 50mm deep
  • Material: Hard-wearing, food grade, frost-resistant plastic
  • Manufactured In The UK

Anti tip - Anti choke floor feeder for concentrate feed.


The slow feeding channels and basins slow down the consumption of hard feed. 
12 smooth feeding basin’s each 50mmm deep
Allows a natural eating position and healthy eating patterns.
Prevents gulping and scoffing therefore avoiding CHOKE. (blocked oesophagus.)
Increased saliva production from chewing for longer helps with ulcer management. 
Weighs 4Kg or up to 16 KG when ballasted with water or sand.
Non tip, avoids wastage of expensive supplements .
Made from tough, frost resistant, food grade plastic. 
Suitable for wet or dry feed.
Measures 60cm x 50m x 17cm tall. 14L capacity.
Can be left outside year round.
Holds up to two scoops of feed.
Can be branded & personalised for feed companies

Delivery Information

Pallet Quantity: 44

Product Dimensions: 60cm x 50cm x 17cm 14l capacity

Colours Available

Blue Green Pink Purple Red

Special colours available on request