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The Hay Play Spinner

Product Code: PAXC010S

  • Fits in any existing stable corner
  • Reduces noise when using the Hay Play
  • fitted at any height
  • Material: wood and stainless steel
  • Manufactured In The UK

Stable Enrichment


An addition for the stable to work with the Hay Play

Easily fitted bracket

Fixes the Hay Play in position to eliminate noise when being used

Adds enrichment to the stable

Can be fixed at any height


·        The blade only removes loose hairs and fur, It will not pull or rip any existing hair.  The rubber removes any excess water, sweat and helps to remove dirt & dust.

·        Use the groomer at a 90 degree angle on your equine, cat or dog.


·        Display pack -  15 pieces, 5 of each colour Pink, Green & Blue fully assembled in a full colour counter top display box.


·        Refill pack – 15 pieces, 5 of each colour Pink, Green & Blue packaged in a plain brown box.

·        Each groomer has a promotional sleeve, barcode and protective polythene bag.

·        RRP of Vanquish Groomers  £20.00 each.

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Colours Available