The Hay Play  Image

The Hay Play

Product Code: PAXC010

  • Unique Design
  • Great fun for Equines
  • Saves Hay
  • Material: HDPE

Hay Play

Healthy -challenging - entertaining

The Hay Play is the original spherical shaped slow forage feeder, its unique design has thirty two flat faces that enable the feeder to roll around as the horse grazes from it. The movement of the hay play challenges and entertains the horse and offers all the benefits of slow feeding without the need for additional treats or feed. Single piece construction makes it incredibly strong and durable.

Simply open the cap, fill with hay, soaked hay or haylage, replace the cap, and watch your equine enjoy.

· Tested for extreme temperatures (up to -/+40c)

· Ideal for horses on box, or on restrictive diets

· Holds up to 3kg/7LB of hay. Weighs 2kg/4.5LB empty

· 42cm diameter 12 x 70mm or 50mm” holes for eating from.

· Suitable for paddocks, stables or sand paddocks.

· Suitable for most hoofed animals including goats & llamas.

· Recessed holes prevent dirt contamination.

Delivery Information

Pallet Quantity: 30

Pallet Dimensions: 120cm x 80cm x 210cm - weight of 85KG

Pack Quantity: 6

Product Dimensions: 45cm

Colours Available

Blue Green Pink Purple Red Redwood