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Swordfish Sledge Image

Swordfish Sledge

Product Code: PAX015DE

  • Manufactured & designed by Parallax in the UK
  • Space saving design
  • Great for children
  • Material: HDPE
  • EAN: 5060284960013
  • CE Approved
  • Manufactured In The UK

The Swordfish sledge is a high quality small sledge designed for children of all ages. Manufactured by Parallax in the UK from tough, super-slippery HDPE plastic. The Swordfish sledge was launched in the winter season of 2011/12, designed especially with transport & logistics in mind. Carrying up to 450 sledges per pallet these sledges can be moved around for a minimal cost. The Swordfish children’s sledge is lightweight, speedy, smooth, and controlled. Its internal seat gives support for even the smallest snow enthusiasts comes with a pull along rope, CE approved and safe for the entire family.



Delivery Information

Pallet Quantity: 300

Pallet Dimensions: 1200 x 1000 mm

Packing Notes: N/A

Pack Quantity: N/A

Product Dimensions: 410 x 958

Stipulations: Single colour pallets only

Colours Available

Blue Pink Red

Special colours available on request